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1. Choose the exact meaning: He gained success by dint of hard work.

[A] . By means of
[B] . Force of
[C] . By way of
[D] . By virtue of

Right Answer : By means of
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2. Choose the exact meaning: None can be a good orator without the gift of the gab.

[A] . Ability of quote
[B] . Ability of improvise
[C] . Fluency of speech
[D] . Wit and humour

Right Answer : Fluency of speech
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3. Select the correct meaning: He faced a crisis and was in a fix.

[A] . Motionless
[B] . In a difficulty
[C] . Confused
[D] . Dumbfounded

Right Answer : Confused
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4. Select the correct meaning: The singer was not in voice.

[A] . Lost voice
[B] . To sing well
[C] . Had a cough
[D] . Sang well

Right Answer : Had a cough
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5. Synonym of Impromptu is:

[A] . A. Unplanned
[B] . B. Unimportant
[C] . C. Unreal
[D] . D. Effective

Right Answer : Anything done without being planned or rehearsed is called Impromptu
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6. 2. Finesse

[A] . A. Skill
[B] .  B. Perfection
[C] . C. Craft
[D] . D. Fitness

Right Answer : Finesse is the way of performance with precise subtlety, skill and perfection.
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7. 3. Collateral

[A] . Tiresome
[B] . Parallel
[C] . Guarantee
[D] . Magnanimous

Right Answer : Something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default. In other words, a guarantee.
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8. Rescind means to:

[A] . Reduce
[B] . Risky
[C] . Recieve
[D] . Revoke

Right Answer : To revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement) by an authority or a person is to rescind. Mainly used in case of formal orders or contract.
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9. To Procrastinate is to:

[A] . Intimidate
[B] . Postpone
[C] . Appreciate
[D] . Humiliate

Right Answer : To delay or postpone action; put off doing something.
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10. 1. It is very difficult to retain all that you hear in class.

[A] . Keep
[B] . Recall
[C] . Preserve
[D] . Conserve

Right Answer : In the given context: To keep in one's memory for future recollection is to retain.
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11. The great author’s life was full of 'vicissitudes'

[A] . Sorrows
[B] . Joys
[C] . Surprises
[D] . Misfortunes

Right Answer : A vicissitude is a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant
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12. Synonym of ABANDON

[A] . Try
[B] . Join
[C] . Keep with
[D] . Forsake

Right Answer : Forsake
Answer Description : Forsake

13. Synonym of ABDICATE

[A] . Join
[B] . Search
[C] . Abandon
[D] . Advance

Right Answer : Abandon
Answer Description : Abandon

14. Synonym of ABSTAIN

[A] . Refrain
[B] . Ingest
[C] . Take in
[D] . Consume

Right Answer : Refrain
Answer Description : Refrain

15. Synonym of AGGRAVATE

[A] . Decline
[B] . Acquire
[C] . Exciting
[D] . Irritate

Right Answer : Irritate
Answer Description : Irritate